Best Quality Wooden Spoon

The best quality wood spoon will never be made from an inexpensive wood like pine or compressed bamboo and glue. The finest wooden spoons will be hand crafted from premium natural...

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Best Wood for Caesar Salad Bowl Guide

Our guide to the best wood for a Caesar salad bowl starts with the wood choice.  Cherry and Walnut are our top choices, followed closely by Maple. How the...

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The Weston Bowl Mill

Fall foliage in Vermont.  One draw for tourists heading north was always the Weston Bowl Mill.  Sadly no longer in business, the Bowl Mill was a major attraction all-year-long, and many...

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8 Easy Salad Hacks for Cole Slaw

Easy summer meals call for a great coleslaw. Try one of these easy salad hacks to help this classic summer salad become the star at...

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Wood Cutting Boards, Even for Chicken

When asked, as I frequently am, if a wood cutting board can safely be used for cutting raw chicken, I'll respond how easily a wood cutting board can...

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Thanksgiving Disasters to be Avoided

It was Thanksgiving Day 1982. The house was full with 16 friends and relatives gathered for the feast.  Each newly arrived guest was given strict instructions, “If food falls on...

4 Simple Steps to Carving Your Turkey this Holiday

Here are 4 simple steps to carving your turkey this holiday season.  A sharp knife will make the task much easier, and so will the right wooden carving board. View full article →

Watermelon Salad

Watermelon Salad is a delicious easy-to-make summer classic.  Compose your salad with fresh, seasonal ingredients and serve on a large wooden cutting board.  Nothing could be easier...or more invocative...

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How to Season Your Bowls, Boards, Spoons and Utensils Using Mineral Oil

Experts use mineral oil for quick seasoning and conditioning.  Its colorless, odorless, easy-to-apply and food safe.  Here are some tricks of the trade from the Bowl Man.

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My Wood Salad Bowl Couscous Salad with Green Beans

My Wood Salad Bowl is filled with a fresh from the garden salad made to showcase summer's bounty.  Green and yellow beans, yellow squash, green and red pepper served on pearled couscous...

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