Thanksgiving Disasters to be Avoided

It was Thanksgiving Day 1982. The house was full with 16 friends and relatives gathered for the feast.  Each newly arrived guest was given strict instructions, “If food falls on the floor, best to not reach for it.  Captain will fight you for it, and he always wins."

Captain, our family dog, lurked behind the couch or under the table at every holiday gathering.  No falling morsel or tidbit, no matter how small,  missed his patrol.
I had a huge ham baking in the oven.  The turkey was cooking out in the garage in my trusty electric roaster, pressed into service for the holiday.  When dinner was ready, the newest member of the tribe, my brother-in-law Gary, was sent to fetch the bird.

Well, you can guess how the story goes from here. 

Yes,  Gary lost control of the carving board, and yes Captain leapt into action.  Thus was the inspiration for our non-skid board. 

The story ends well.  The ham was passed and made it around the table. But no leftovers for Captain.