Our Guarantee


New Hampshire Bowl and Board woodenware and products come with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

If you're not happy, we're not happy.   Your purchases make a difference here to working families in rural New Hampshire and New England. We will gladly go the extra mile to earn your good opinion, word-of-mouth praise and, of course, your repeat business and referrals.

Returns and Exchanges

Return your purchase, along with proof of purchase, to 1213 Battle Street, Webster, NH 03303-7312 for an exchange or refund, best within 30 days of purchase.  For exchanges, please include a note and your contact information.

Please just call of us at 603-648-9566 or email paul@newhampshirebowlandboard.com if you would like to return a gift (we normally exchange for store credit if you don't have proof of purchase).

We are happy to guarantee the quality and workmanship of our products.  If you have an issue that is not due to normal wear and tear, please contact us by phone 603-648-9566 or email paul@newhampshirebowlandboard.com.

Care instructions for wood

Wood does, however, require attention to maintain.

Taking care of your wood bowl, board or utensils is simple.  With a little care, yours will develop the rich patina of age and you will be proud to pasTimeless style, timeless tradition, guaranteed.s along to the next generation. Never let water stand in a wood bowl for a long period of time and never clean wood bowls or any wood product in the dishwasher. Please clean all of your wooden ware using mild soapy, water and hand dry.

Use Iddo Kimball’s Bowl and Board Rub or a good quality wooden salad bowl oil or cream to rejuvenate all of your woodenware, wood utensils and your wood salad bowl when dry to touch.

We also encourage you to check out our numerous guides on the care and maintenance of your woodenware.