Wood Cutting Boards, Even for Chicken

Can I cut raw chicken on a wood cutting board?  How do I wash my wooden serving board?  A handmade wooden cutting board can safely be used for every kitchen task.

"A place for everything, everything in its place" was one of my mother's favorite maxims.  She had many such sayings, and this one reminds me that every cutting board also has its place.  And that place is in the kitchen and on your table. 

When asked, as I frequently am, if a wood cutting board can safely be used for cutting chicken, I'll respond how easily a wood cutting board can be cleaned and sanitized.  It does occur to me, however, that this is also a kitchen task that might best be left to an ugly plastic cutting board you can wash on the hottest cycle of your dishwasher.

One of our versatile wooden cutting boards, on the other hand, can easily go from the kitchen chopping block to the center of your table.  So, you decide, and let me recommend a beautiful handmade in the USA cutting board that goes from kitchen workhorse to stunning centerpiece.