Wood Cutting Boards, Even for Chicken

When asked, as I frequently am, if a wood cutting board can safely be used for cutting raw chicken, I'll respond how easily a wood cutting board can be cleaned and sanitized.  A wooden cutting board is versatile and easy to care for.  Best of all, wooden cutting boards work hard in your kitchen and look great on your table!

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Thanksgiving Disasters to be Avoided

It was Thanksgiving Day 1982. The house was full with 16 friends and relatives gathered for the feast.  Each newly arrived guest was given strict instructions, “If food falls on the floor, best to not reach for it.  Captain will fight you for it, and he always wins."

Captain, our family dog, lurked behind the couch or under the table at every holiday gathering.  No falling morsel or tidbit, no matter how small,  missed his patrol.
I had a huge ham baking in the oven.  The turkey was cooking out in the garage in my trusty electric roaster, pressed into service for the holiday.  When dinner was ready, the newest member of the tribe, my brother-in-law Gary, was sent to fetch the bird.

Well, you can guess how the story goes from here. 

Yes,  Gary lost control of the carving board, and yes Captain leapt into action.  Thus was the inspiration for our non-skid board. 

The story ends well.  The ham was passed and made it around the table. But no leftovers for Captain.

4 Simple Steps to Carving Your Turkey this Holiday

Here are 4 simple steps to carving your turkey this holiday season.  A sharp knife will make the task much easier, and so will the right wooden carving board.


Dazzle your friends and family with a beautiful turkey presented on the table with great style.

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Tomato and Watermelon Salad

tomato and watermelon salad on wood cutting boardThis tomato and watermelon salad is a celebration of the fresh ingredients to be found at our New Hampshire farmers markets and back-yard gardens as the summer grows closer to an end.  Arrange the sliced tomatoes and watermelon on a wooden cutting board, and this salad serves itself.  What could be better for an end-of-summer gathering?
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Watermelon Salad

Watermelon Salad is a delicious easy-to-make summer classic.  Compose your salad with fresh, seasonal ingredients and serve on a large wooden cutting board.  Nothing could be easier...or more invocative of the "lazy days of summer."  
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How to Season Your Bowls, Boards, Spoons and Utensils Using Mineral Oil

Experts use mineral oil for quick seasoning and conditioning.  Its colorless, odorless, easy-to-apply and food safe.  Here are some tricks of the trade from the Bowl Man. View full article →

My Wood Salad Bowl Couscous Salad with Green Beans

My Wood Salad Bowl is filled with a fresh from the garden salad made to showcase summer's bounty.  Green and yellow beans, yellow squash, green and red pepper served on pearled couscous with lots of fresh herbs and a garlic mustard vinaigrette.  This was made to showcase the pickings from this week's vegetable garden.

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Your Salad Topped with the Perfect Hard Boiled Egg

The perfect hard boiled egg is easy enough to master.  Here are 3 simple steps to follow so you'll be topping all your salads with this essential ingredient and enjoying a delicious Cobb Salad or Salade Nicoise in no time!
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New Hampshire Wedding Gifts

Here are our choices for the best New Hampshire wedding gifts you can choose.  Guaranteed to ensure that the happy couple will not only be singing your praises soon after the wedding, but long after...as they enjoy your thoughtful choice for a wedding gift throughout their marriage.  Our wooden bowls, cutting boards and wood utensils will last long after the special day has come and gone.
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How to Choose Wood Salad Servers

If you’re in the market for a pair of salad servers, you may have a hard time sorting through the dizzying amount of options out there. Never fear, we’re here to help. Here are some tips for cutting through the clutter so you can easily find the best salad servers for your table and family. View full article →