Wooden Gifts for the Thanksgiving Table

The original Thanksgiving in 1621 was a 3-day feast that consisted of food, drink and different groups trying to get to know each other. Traditionally we only celebrate this on one day now, but it’s still one of our favorite holidays and a very special way to show appreciation for each other and what we share.

 And what better way to share good feelings and food then with a beautifully set table with all the trimmings. So, this season make this special day even more memorable with these wooden gifts for Thanksgiving.

Wooden Bowls for Thanksgiving

I’ve made hundreds of salads for guests and family and it never ceases to amaze me how the simple act of preparing and serving a salad in a handcrafted wooden bowl or chopped salad bowl makes every occasion feel more special and personal. Nothing brings people together at the table like sharing a beautiful salad. And because wooden bowls are perfect for presenting a variety of morsels, it always helps to have several on hand for bread, side dishes and whatever else is on the menu. Plus, with so many handy uses and an heirloom look worthy of displaying, you’ll find many great uses for your wooden bowl long after the holiday has passed. 

Wooden Carving Boards for Thanksgiving

Carving a Turkey, roast or other meats is an important part of Thanksgiving traditions. Many people have their methods for carving, but the most vital tool for any carving is to have the right carving board. A wooden carving board for Thanksgiving should be extremely well made and have all the features you need to effectively and safely carve your bird or other meats. Features like juice wells and grooves are essential for catching juices you’ll want for gravies and au jus – along with preventing an unwanted mess on your kitchen counter. Some of our handmade wooden carving boards even have pyramids to prevent slippage. And since our wooden carving boards reverse, you’ll also have an elegant serving board to serve as the centerpiece of your table. Speaking of centerpieces, another way you can make your Thanksgiving table more fun and functional is to add a handmade wooden lazy susan.

Wooden Serving Boards for Thanksgiving

Don’t forget the hors d’oeuvres. Not only will having a premium wooden cutting board help you prepare and perfect your thanksgiving dishes, but you can use it as a wooden serving board for cheeses, crackers, fruit and other snacks. Never underestimate the party power of a good wooden serving board. Plus, we also carry wooden charcuterie boards and wooden antipasto boards to make your Thanksgiving even more sensational.

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