Wooden Chopped Salad Bowls, Mezzaluna Salad Choppers and Chopped Salad Tools

Our wooden bowls for chopped salad and mezzaluna salad choppers are designed for easy, no mess chopping, right in the bowl. Handmade wood bowls are tough and sturdy -- to stand up to your salad chopper blade. Our favorite mezzaluna has a Maple wood handle and curved stainless steel blade, securely fastened for safe, easy chopping.

A salad chopper makes your wood bowl work like it's 30% bigger. Look at it this way, chopping your salad is like Happy Hour in a bowl.   Perfect for salad greens, salsa, guacamole, vegetables, chicken salad, tuna salad, onions, liver, fruit, nuts and herbs.  

You are a chopped salad expert with the right wood bowl and salad chopping tools.