Christmas Gifts for Her

Want to wow her this holiday? Get something handmade just for her, using gorgeous natural hardwoods that are just as precious as she is. It’s the gift that keeps on giving – and serving and mixing and dazzling and so many other wonderful things for years to come. It’s a wooden bowl. And while it may not seem as glamorous as diamonds, it’s one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give for Christmas – and more affordable too.

There are so many ways she’ll be able to delight in and enjoy your gift of a wooden bowl. For one, wooden bowls are an essential tool in the kitchen, making it a magnificent gift for the woman who loves to cook. Mixing, stirring and serving is easier and so much more satisfying – especially when using a wooden bowls that’s been handmade from rich, naturally sourced hardwoods.

Check out some of our favorite wooden bowls for cooking and more:

10” Cherry Wooden Bowl

10” Black Walnut Bowl

Extra Large Artisan Wood Bowl

Nothing brings people together more at a meal than sharing a beautiful salad from a wooden salad bowl. Pair it with smaller wooden salad bowls and you’ll help to make every dinner an occasion worth remembering. After all, nothing is more important now than celebrating the people in our lives and the precious moments we have together. Thanks to your gift, they can experience these moments daily and share them with the people they love.   

Here are some of the most popular wooden salad bowls:

Big Cherry Wooden Salad Bowl

Handmade Bowl, Black Walnut

Large Wood Chop Bowl with Mezzaluna

If she likes to host dinner parties or have friends over, wooden bowls are a much better option for serving snacks and other treats. They’re more reliable than glass or plastic and definitely have more charm. Plus, snack time is always the right time when you’re serving them in a lovingly crafted wooden bowl.   

Make her the host with the most with these beautiful serving bowls:

Wood Nut Bowl and Nut Cracker Set

Walnut Wood Bowl Set

Of course, cooking, sharing meals and hosting are only a few reasons wooden bowls are a great Christmas gift. You can fill wooden bowls with whatever you want and still keep a stylish ambience in your home. A small wooden bowl is a great place to keep everyday essentials like keys and wallets easily within reach. Keep a large wooden bowl on the table or kitchen counter with fresh fruit for a quick snack and classic design. Or throw in some scented pinecones and herbs for a coffee table centerpiece that will bring the whole room together.

Add to her everyday ease and décor with these favorite wooden bowls:

Wood Centerpiece Maple Decorative Bowl

Nested Maple Wood Bowl Set

Large Artisan Wood Bowl, Maple

Plus, this year you can make your gift even more special by giving them a personalized bowl with their name or special message on it. Not only will this touch their heart and show them you care, each time she sees it, she’ll remember how thoughtful your gift was.

Make it personal with these personalized wooden bowls:

Personalized 12” Cherry Bowl

Personalized Walnut Bowl (In Three Sizes)

Baby Wooden Bowl and Spoon Set

Give her a wooden bowl for Christmas and you won’t be disappointed. She sure won’t be. Not only do wooden bowls have so many convenient uses she’ll appreciate every day, a well-made wooden bowl is as beautiful as it is practical. So, when you give her one that has been handmade in the USA by artisans, using naturally sourced hardwoods with rich grains and gorgeous tones, your gift will become more than just a bowl. It will become a cherished piece they can’t imagine living without.

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