The Weston Bowl Mill

The Weston Bowl Mill was a landmark during its heyday. Skiers heading north would stop in Weston at the Bowl Mill to choose one of their large, solid wood bowls. It was a destination for day trippers during Fall Foliage.  Sadly, the bowl mill went out of business in the late 90s, and its equipment was sold at auction. The Weston bowl was a traditional New England bowl, usually fashioned from Cherry, turned and finished by craftsmen using old-fashioned tools and techniques.  No arcane secrets.  Premium natural wood and attention to the details. 

Today, you can find bowls like that at New Hampshire Bowl and Board.  Our bowl turners have the same pride in their craftsmanship and New England work ethic.  We're a lot like our trees -- tough and durable to withstand one of our snowy, cold winters.  

Bowls like this one were the specialty of the Weston Bowl Mill in Vermont.

Big Cherry Wooden Salad Bowl Ship Free 17" (Serves 20)

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