How to Choose Wood Salad Servers

If you’re in the market for a pair of salad servers, you may have a hard time sorting through the dizzying amount of options out there. Never fear, we’re here to help. Here are some tips for cutting through the clutter so you can easily find the best salad servers for your table and family.
Serving a green salad with grace and competence can be a tricky thing to do. Success ultimately depends on how comfortable you are with your salad serving tools. What you want to do is gently squeeze the portion of salad that you are lifting from the bowl with enough pressure that you can hold the serving together without bruising the lettuce.
We believe the absolute best salad server style is a classic design that consists of a large fork and slightly curved paddle. Not only is this design best equipped to mix your greens perfectly but serving is so much easier and much less clumsy.
Once you’ve settled on a style, you need to decide what kind of material you want. If quality matters, and if you’re interested in the healthiest option, the only material you should be considering is wood.
There are several kinds of wood to choose from. It’s usually best to stay away from salad servers sold in big stores, as these are usually made of cheaper woods and often laden with unwanted chemicals. The best woods for Wooden Salad Servers are strong and trustworthy, like Maple, Black Walnut and Cherry. Salad servers made of these woods are not just the healthiest option, they’ll last for thousands of salads and look amazing in your kitchen and on your table.
[Something to keep in mind when buying wooden salad servers is the type of wood your salad bowl is made of. People generally like the woods to match well with each other. If your wooden salad bowl is not made of Cherry, Black Walnut or Maple, you might want to check out these wooden salad bowls after you select your servers.]
One of the important decisions you’re going to make when choosing your wooden salad servers is the length and shape of the handle. The right length and curve will allow you to cross your salad servers in the bowl with just enough handle over the rim of the bowl. That way you can prepare the dressing and let your ingredients get happy, without your servers sitting in the good stuff. The right length will also make it much easier to toss your salad, especially larger ones.

The best salad servers have a paddle designed with a gentle curve that glides down the side of the bowl, right to the bottom. Often the very best of the dressing is lurking at the bottom. A slightly curved paddle will let you grab all the treasured ingredients so everything can be equally distributed for a perfect dressing that doesn’t waste any of the flavors.

We believe that the happiest tables have a salad at the center to share. With these tips, finding the best wooden salad servers to accompany them should be a snap.

An old Yankee potluck tip is to cross your fork and paddle style server upside down over the salad dressing in the bottom of your bowl.  Place your lettuce on top.  The salad servers will keep most of the greens from settling on top of the dressing until it’s time to serve.  And you won’t misplace your salad servers!



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