Will Chopped Salads Bowls be in Short Supply?

chopped salad bowlWill chopped salad bowls be in short supply now that chopped salads are standard fare? The New York Times says Chopped Salads have moved beyond trend to standard fare, and recipes for chopped salads are popping up everywhere.  We suggest you experiment with combinations of fresh greens and vegetables. Add your favorite ingredients. Make your own signature chopped salad!

 I wouldn't say I'm a chopped salad expert, but I certainly make a lot of salads.  I've taken to cutting my lettuce into bite sized pieces using my favorite salad chopper.  Then I chop slices of red onion, chunks of fresh tomato, peppers and cukes right in my chopping bowl. Add whatever freshly blanched or leftover cooked vegetables are available from your garden or fridge. Mix everything  in your bowl together with a favorite salad dressing. 

An easy to make dressing is this classic creamy vinaigrette made with equal parts lemon juice and white balsamic vinegar shaken in a jar with twice the amount of a good extra virgin olive oil lightened with canola oil. Thicken by adding an egg yolk and a generous dollop of mustard.  Finish with fresh herbs and voila!