Salad Tangiers or Moroccan Salad


This delicious recipe is from our favorite new cookbook A Dance in the Kitchen: Joyful World Cooking by Robert Dove McClellan. Here's Robert on his recipe:

"Also known as Moroccan Salad, this dish is very popular, and justly so. It has differing textures, colors and tastes. Many people, myself included, give a hats off to folks at Moosewood for promoting this lovely treat. We have however, altered some of the seasonings and added some ingredients to accentuate some flavors in order to avoid that dreadful mishap which so many recipes fall into, where every ingredient tastes like every other one, reminiscent of canned fruit cocktail. That being said, Tangiers is an international city and has been a thriving port of call since the 5th century BCE. So, note the flavors here: cinnamon, lemon, orange, mint, cayenne - mixed with vegetables, currants, almonds and couscous."


▪ 1½ C dry couscous

▪ ½ t salt

▪ pinch of saffron (optional)

▪ 1½ C boiling water

▪ 1 C diced carrots

▪ 1 large sweet red pepper, diced

▪ 1 C cut green beans (small cuts, 1¼ inch)

▪ 1 seeded and thinly sliced cucumber and cut in half

▪ 1 orange, cut in sections and then again in three or four pieces

▪ ⅓ C finely chopped red onion

▪ ½ C thinly sliced radishes and cut in half

▪ ⅓ C currants

▪ ½ C chopped toasted almonds


▪ ½ C olive oil

▪ 4 T fresh lemon juice

▪ ½ t salt

▪ ¼ t cinnamon

▪ 1 T orange zest

▪ 3 T orange juice

▪ 1 T honey

▪ 4 T chopped fresh parsley

▪ 1 T fresh spearmint (1 t dried)

▪ pinch of cayenne

▪ 2 T Greek yogurt or tzatziki (optional)


  1. Combine couscous, salt and saffron and stir in boiling water.
  2. Cover, take off the heat, and let sit for 10-15 minutes, stirring occasionally to fluff.
  3. Steam the carrots, peppers, and green beans separately. Remove the lid after 1 minute of steam with the green beans. Don’t overcook. As each becomes tender, remove from heat and add to couscous mixture.
  4. Stir in red onion, cucumber, orange sections, currants, almonds and radishes.
  5. Mix the dressing ingredients (if you want a slightly creamy dressing, add the indicated yogurt or tzatziki).
  6. Toss the couscous/vegetable mixture with the dressing and chill for at least an hour.


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