Caring for Olive Wood Bowls and Utensils

Olive wood with its dramatic light and dark grain patterns has long been a top-quality choice for wood bowls, boards and utensils.  It is an extremely hard, dense wood making it more stain and odor resistant than most - an important characteristic in a hard-working kitchen tool.

With proper care and maintenance, your olive wood will last a long time.

Season new utensils with food-safe mineral oil.  All of our wooden ware comes to you seasoned and ready to use.  If you keep applying mineral oil, especially during the first weeks, you'll ensure a well moisturized and protected bowl, board or utensil.

Hand wash with mild detergent and warm water.

olive wood kitchen tools and utensilsNo standing water please as this weakens the wood fibers and can lead to splitting and cracking.

Dry with a lint free cloth or microfiber.  Perfectly fine to let air dry (but you'll need to condition with mineral oil or Bowl and Board Rub more often).

Clean you wooden ware when needed with a scrub of lemon juice and salt.  If you haven't used a wood bowl or wooden utensil in a while, you may want to sanitize with a 3 percent solution of hydrogen peroxide (from your medicine cabinet) mixed with an equal amount of water. 


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