July 25, 2014


What size wood bowl should I buy for salad?

Not sure what size bowl is right for you?  We have some recommendations.  It matters whether you're serving side salads or large meal size salads, what we call "salad for dinner.”   And if you chop your lettuce or tear it into pieces, voila!  Your salad bowl will hold lots more, about double. Watch the video for the Bowl Man's explanation and skip below to see our chart.



10-inch bowl easily serves a meal-sized  "Salad for Dinner for one"  or two restaurant-size side salads

12-inch bowl serves "Salad for Dinner for two" or four restaurant-size side salads

•15-inch bowl serves "Salad for Dinner for four" or six-eight restaurant size side salads

•17-inch bowl serves "Salad for Dinner for eight" or more and restaurant size side salads for a crowd

Note: A 17-inch huge wooden salad bowl is the equivalent of 2 15-inch bowls.   Sometimes you just want a bowl that dazzles with its size but it's plenty practical to buy two bowls - you'll most likely use them more often.  Just place one bowl at each end of the table.

A 19-inch bowl is just about the largest wooden bowl "Made in The World" - really!   And once in a while, we'll find a tree that can be made into an even larger bowl, but they're pretty rare.


Take this idea and make it your own

Chop or tear your lettuce, and your bowl will magically hold just about double the ingredients!  All of a sudden, a 12 inch bowl will serve a family of four.  It's a little extra work to  chop your salad, but the bite size pieces will mix with your other ingredients.  Bonus, neater forkfuls of salad.  Less likelihood of a large leaf of lettuce laden with salad dressing making its way down the front of your clean shirt or into your lap at the table.


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