What To Do for a Wedding Gift

Wooden Bowl Wedding PresentYour recurring dilemma: what to give as a wedding or anniversary present? Our solution: a wooden bowl.

Why give a bowl? The answer lies in the nature of love itself. Love is a shared source of nourishment that provides stability and strength—and as it burns, it brings us warmth and light. Love is open, too: open to being filled, open to whatever comes, open to life. And above all, love is beauty: a inner reality that’s born in the human heart and insists upon outward expression.

Those truths are all mirrored in the symbolism of a wooden bowl. Like love, a bowl is open, and it holds nourishment that many can share. When it’s made of wood, a bowl reflects love’s strength, endurance, and its ability to light and warm us. And a wooden bowl is beautiful, born in the heart of the craftsperson who made it and shaped by hand into an outward reality.

Sure, you could give the happy couple a toaster. But if you’d like them to have something that captures, in physical form, the deepest emotional realities, we recommend the wooden bowl—as ancient and enduring as love itself.

You can even communicate a special message through the wood you choose, because different trees all reflect varying facets of love. 

A bowl made from black walnut, for example, symbolizes the gift of practicality—as reflected in the dye and tasty nuts this tree produces. It also conveys your blessing for a long, strong marriage, because this tree is a source of sturdy furniture that lasts many lifetimes.

Or consider giving a cherry bowl, to represent the many ways in which love nourishes us. Not only is this tree’s fruit delicious and versatile, it’s rich in antioxidants that keep us healthy. And, just as cherry wood endures for centuries, a cherry wood bowl symbolizes your wish that the family will remain strong for generations to come.

Still leaning towards a toaster? Then consider how much more frugal a wooden bowl is: decades after the best toaster has gone to that great Landfill in the Sky, the bowl you give today will still be serving the children of those you gave it to.

So let us hand-pick for you a gift of uncommon value. We’ll include our company story in the box, so the bride and groom will know you choose a gift that’s as unique as their marriage.

Choose a handmade wood bowl from our collection. The lucky couple will be using their gift, and remembering the gift givers, for years to come.

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