Olive Wood Lemon Reamer

Olive Wood lemon reamer is the perfect gift for the salad lover or cocktail maker.  Easily add a squeeze of fresh citrus to your vinaigrette or mixed drink.  A bartender's best friend. Or tart up a bottled dressing when friends drop by unexpectedly. Heavy dense olive wood will last a lifetime. Deep ridges dig into your lemon and limes to extract all the juicy goodness from your fresh citrus.

  • Hand made from "retired" olive trees, sustainably harvested 
  • Lemon reamer measures 6" L 
  • Food-safe, all natural, eco-friendly
  • Care instructions included
  • Gift Note Card

    Try this easy chopped salad with fresh citrus dressing!

    Fresh lemon and a drizzle of olive oil for green salads.  Make it a balsamic vinegar reduction and freshly squeezed lime for watermelon and fruit salads. 

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