Wooden Caesar Salad Bowl Size Guide

Wooden Caesar Salad Bowl Size Guide:

Wooden Caesar salad bowl size guide our practical suggestions for the perfect Caesar Salad. A large Variety of Large wooden Caesar Salad bowls help guide your buying decision. Personalize your bowl with the family secret to the best Caesar Salad Dressing. Remember the bowl is the first ingredient

10-inch bowl serves 1 large Caesar salad 

12-inch bowl serves 2 large dinner salads or 4 side Caesar salads

15-inch bowl serves 4 large dinner salads or 6 side Caesar salads

17-inch bowl serves 8 large dinner salads or 12 side Caesar salads

What size bowl do I need?
Is your Caesar salad going to be a Caesar salad for family dinner or for a Saturday evening get-together with family and friends?

Why use a wooden bowl?
The New York Times rated solid Cherry wood bowls best for Caesar salad.  The first ingredient in every Caesar salad is the bowl, and a large solid, natural wood bowl is the first choice.  Place the garlic, anchovy fillets, and salt in the bottom of a large wooden salad bowl.  Using two dinner forks, mash the ingredients against the bottom and sides of the bowl.  The wood bowl and forks act like a mortar and pestle with the added advantage of the wood bowl becoming seasoned with the garlicy mix.  The preparation of the salad is a celebratory act of preparing a meal for loved ones, so using large, handsome wood bowl makes the salad preparation worthy of your efforts.