Wood Lazy Susan Tabletops

A wood Lazy Susan helps organize your tabletop, island, or counter for easy serving and entertaining. Keeps food, condiments and serving pieces within easy reach. Helps  kitchen counters and dining tables stay neat and tidy. When family and friends gather, use your Lazy Susan as a serving and charcuterie board.

How to size a Lazy Susan for your tabletop   Choose a Lazy Susan that covers about a quarter of the table area, leaving you with an adequate amount of table space for a place setting.  If you plan to mostly keep your Lazy Susan on a counter or in a kitchen cupboard, those depth and width measurements are the determining factor.  Our 13-inch Lazy Susan is sized for a 48" to 60" table while the 16" Lazy Susan works with a 60" to 72" table.  Here are 3 questions to ask yourself when choosing a Lazy Susan.

 Top your Lazy Susan with these must have table essentials.