USA Made Wood Spoons

USA made wood spoons are the first choice for cooking and baking.  4 reasons you should buy wooden spoons from New Hampshire USA. 

Living Wage:  Our wood spoons are hand made made right here by local folks. Your purchase supports working artisans and families here in rural New Hampshire.

Better quality:  We make and sell our wooden spoons and wood utensils with quality in mind.  We quality control every step, from the initial selection of the tree limb to the final hand polishing of the wood spoon with FDA food-grade wood rub. No glues, dyes, stains, or chemicals are used in the making.  

Customer Service:  If you have an issue with quality, you can call and talk to the owner and maker. When a mistake is made, it's acknowledge and fixed as quickly as possible.  

Healthier environment:  Imported wood products are shipped or flown in with a massive carbon footprint. Excessive packaging also contributes to emissions waste and pollution. Short cuts, chemical tricks, and waste wood from shipping crates is not how we make wooden utensils. We are regulated by state and local laws, and we sell to our neighbors and folks we know.  We use locally grown, natural wood from residential tree trimmings, salvaged wood brought to us by arborists, and trees found for us by local foresters.  We invest in the protection of New Hampshire forests through our support of local and regional non-profits.

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