Wood Conditioner Lasts 4 Times Longer (Free Secret Weapon)

Wood conditioner lasts 4 times longer than cutting board oil. The best wood care for your wood salad bowls, cutting boards, and wooden kitchen utensils is this food-safe wood conditioner.  

Our field-tested formula uses all-natural beeswax and vitamin E to trap hydration within the wood and keep protective oils from evaporating. Lasts 4x longer than standard wood oils, which is why it’s been the #1 wood conditioner for New England wood workers for over 150 years. 

Wood conditioner is available in our traditional neutral scent or with anti-bacterial Rosemary. Resealable tin with care instructions right inside the lid. 

  • Large 4 oz. reclosable tin, average household, one year's use or more
  • FREE lint free cloth, my secret weapon 5x more absorbent than cotton
  • Food safe, organic, seasons, protects from stains and odors
  • New Hampshire made wood care instructions included

Always hand wash your wood spoons, bowls, utensils and cutting boards in warm water with a mild dish washing detergent, then hand dry. 

Larger (8oz) Wood Rub is available for commercial wood workers in plastic tubs.

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