Large Wood Salad Bowls, Big Wood Salad Bowl Sets, Wooden Bowl Wedding Gifts

Large wood salad bowls and salad bowl sets are as eye-catching as they are functional.  There's a reason why wood is the number one choice for a salad bowl.  Because our big wooden salad bowls are handmade from premium American hardwoods, they'll grow more beautiful over time.  And 15 years after the wedding, they'll still be gracing the table. We have organized our bowls by size starting with our largest wooden salad bowl, as a guide for you. Small wood bowls start at $17.99. Free shipping starts at $69.99.

On some bowls, especially larger bowls, we are experiencing shipping delays up to 3 weeks (tree competition with the building industry!!!).  If you have a "date certain" let us know and we'll do our best.  Thank you so very much for your patience and understanding.