How to Choose the Perfect Wood Spoon

When it comes to choosing a wooden spoon, the quality of wood may be the most important factor but there are other things to consider if you want a spoon that’s perfect for all your needs.                      




The right spoon should feel at home in your hand. It should stir the way you want it to, scoop with grace and when tasting, you should be able to sample the goods with ease. Before you buy your next wooden spoon, consider these factors.


A comfortable handle is essential to happy cooking. Our handles feature squared off sides so hands don’t have to clench as much ensuring easy maneuverability. Plus, squared off sides give your thumb a place to rest securely giving you more leverage and even better control. When your wooden spoon has the right handle, it will feel as if it’s customized to your hand.


 If the handle shape is important for your hand, the shape, length, width and the depth of the head is vital to how you cook. When the head of a spoon is too wide, it can feel like you’re stirring with a canoe paddle. If it’s too thin you’ll have to use too much effort to stir and scoop food in the pan or pot. The head should be wide enough to move food/sauces around but not so wide as to be clumsy or overbearing. And when tasting your dish, a spoon that is too deep will be harder to get to the liquid or contents without sticking the spoon halfway in your mouth. Too thin and it won’t be big enough to pick up small pieces of food or soups/sauces.

 Scraping is also something that cooks do a lot of. Whether it’s to collect the deliciously browned bits for a sauce or just keep all the contents together and avoid overcooking. The right spoon head should be angled enough to scrape up food and get in the corners of the pan when needed.

 Are you a lefty? We offer many left handed wooden spoons and other left handed utensils specifically designed to make sure every aspect of your kitchen experience is as fluid and comfortable as possible.


While shorter handles work well in some cooking situations, most of our spoons handles are long and sturdy. A long handle not only keeps your hands away from the heat and oils, but it makes it much easier to stir deeper pots and bowls when mixing ingredients. Plus, the long handle makes it easier to grab the spoon from your jar or drawer instead of having to search for the smaller ones. And though it may not have much to do with the cooking, a long handled wooden spoon looks great sitting in your kitchen or your hand.


A well-made wooden spoon is easier and more comfortable to use and will look good doing it. More importantly, it will keep looking good for years and years. Because of this, the right finish is essential to the life of any wooden spoon. Our wooden spoons come pre-seasoned, look gorgeous and feel smooth and comfortable. Don’t be shocked if after months of use, they still look like new. And by re-seasoning your wooden spoon every so often, it will become a traditional part of your kitchen. One you will carry for years, perhaps even passing it on to the next generation for decades of future use.