Covered Bridges in NH

  1. Andover Covered Bridge
    Cilleyville (1887 - 53 ft.)
    Crosses: Pleasant Stream
    Location: Jct of NH Rte 11 and NH Rte 4A
    Town lattice truss - Foot traffic, highway bypass in 1959
  2. Bradford Covered Bridge
    Bement (1854 - 60 ft. 6 in.)
    Crosses: West branch of Warner River
    Location: Intersection of NH Rte 103 and Rte 114
    Long truss, newest of four that span the Warner River.
    Original cost: $500
  3. Warner Covered Bridge
    Dalton (1963 - 76 ft. 6 in.)
    Crosses: Warner River
    Location: South of NH Rte 103 at Warner Village
    Multiple kingpost truss, auxillary queenpsto truss. Originally built in 1853.
  4. Henniker Covered Bridge
    New England College (1972 - 136 ft. 7 in.)
    Crosses: Contoocook River
    Location: South of NH Rte 9, Henniker Village
    Town lattice design, built Milton and Arnold Graton.
  5. Hopkinton Covered Bridge
    Railroad Bridge (1849 - 2-span 157 ft.)
    Crosses: Contoocook River
    Location: East of NH Rt3 103, Contoocook
    Double town lattice truss. Rebuilt in 1889. Washed off its abutments in floor of 1936 and the hurricane of 1938.
  6. Rowell's Covered Bridge (1853 - 164 ft. 6 in.)
    Crosses: Contoocook River
    Location: North of NH Rte 127, West Hopkinton
    Originally a modification of a Burr and Long truss bridge built with archres. The solid framing timbers are fitted end to end and mortised into a double panel framing system. This bridge was completely rebuilt in 1965.