Cherry Wooden Spoon Set

The complete Cherry wood spoon and wooden spatula set are kitchen essentials when you're cooking with non-stick pots and pans. Features 5 smartly crafted all-purpose wood utensils. Wood spoons feature a deep bowl for mixing, tasting and serving. Spatulas have all the angles (rounded, squared, and slanted) to reach every corner of the pot or bowl. Wood handles feature the tapered square design preferred by home cooks for a strong, comfortable grip. 

Available for right-handed or left-handed cooks:

  • 9" medium spoon for mixing, tasting, and sautéing
  • 12" cooking spoon - our best-selling spoon
  • 12" spatula with hole for risotto, chunky chili, and stiff batters
  • 12" "go-to" spatula mixes, flips, folds, scrapes all the corners
  • 9" "deli-man" spreader reaches deep into jars, spreads evenly 
  • 14" hard-to-find long handled spoon
  • Made in NH USA from tough, durable Cherry hardwood
  • Best for non-stick finishes and cookware
  • Naturally anti-bacterial, stain and heat resistant (no pot holder required)
  • Food safe, natural finish, no dyes, stains or chemicals, pre-seasoned, ready to use, care instructions included
  • FREE handwritten gift note card

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