Weston Bowl for Large Wooden Bowls and Cutting Boards

The Weston Bowl Mill Tradition is alive and well at the Bowl mill in Nearby New Hampshire. You May still buy Large deep Wooden Bowls and Thick Cutting Boards.

Back in the 1800s wooden bowls were a household commodity, and bowl mills sprung up across New England but most especially in Vermont as mills grew up along the rivers. One of those was the Weston Bowl Mill.

Working at piece work rates, brother Emmett Bean and his sister finished rims for the Weston Bowl Mill from 1948 through the 60s. Sadly when Erma and Emmett retired, this unique country rim was forgotten, and the Weston Bowl Mill closed in the fall of 1996.

Stop in and say Hello if you are Visiting The Vermont Country store we are just off exit 7 on interstate 89 or give a call we will be Pleased to answer question.


It is during the 1800s that ingenious bowl turners also invented the laminated construction techniques that allowed them to artificially construct bigger blocks of wood that they could turn and so create bigger, deeper bowls. 




Our bowls will remind you of those same beautiful Vermont wooden bowls you picked up at the Weston Bowl Mill Outlet Store back in the day. To find the same great deals on “seconds” quality, though you will have to visit us here in Webster, NH.

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