Large Wood Salad and Serving Bowl Guide

Use our salad bowl and serving guide to pick the best wood bowl for entertaining or everyday use. Whether you are choosing a wedding anniversary gift or a gift for your favorite Salad Maker, you'll find a size for your particular circumstances.  We know one size doesn't fill all, or one style of bowl isn't for everyone so we offer a large selection of bowls for your kitchen or your table.

Side Salad Side Salad Salad for Two Salad for Four Salad for Six Salad for a Crowd Salad for the Reunion
 7" dia. 8" dia. 10"  dia. 12" dia. 15" dia. 17" dia. 19.5" dia.
Single serving Large single serving Meal sized salad 3-4 side salads 6-8 side salads 8-12 side salads 12-16 side salads
7-inch 8-inch 10-inch 12-inch 15-inch 17-inch 19-inch

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