Wooden Spatula for Perfect Rice, Chunky Sauces

This handcrafted wooden spatula fluffs rice and grains -- keeps the chunk in chunky sauces -- better than any rubber spatula. Plus, the 3 edged design (rounded, angled, and edged) reaches every corner of the pot or bowl. It's like getting 3 spatulas for the price of one. The hole in the middle keeps you from overbeating your ingredients resulting in better cakes and sauces. Proof that a better kitchen tool helps make a better cook.

This right or left-handed wood spatula is also available in our 3-pc spatula set.

  • Naturally anti-bacterial, stain and heat resistant, no pot holder required
  • Best spatula for non-stick cookware and bakeware
  • Solid wood spatula made in New Hampshire USA, Yankee ingenuity at work
  • Natural Maple, Cherry, or Black Walnut wood, locally sourced
  • 12” L spatula with a tapered square handle for a comfortable grip
  • Pre-seasoned, food safe, hand rubbed with mineral oil and bees wax
  • Free Gift Note Card, care instructions included

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