Left or Right-Handed Spatula Cooks Stirs, Scrapes and Lifts

Left-handed cooks made our popular wood spatula with 3 edges a go-to kitchen tool. Angled front edge scrapes neatly in corners, rounded corner edge stirs easily, and the long tapered edge folds, flips and serves with perfect precision. Won't tear up the Teflon. Choose left handed or right handed for an ideal fit for any cook.

  • Made in the USA
  • Maple, Cherry, or Black Walnut
  • 12” Long
  • Resists stains and odors, high heat tolerance
  • Pre-seasoned, food safe, ready to use
  • Care Instructions 
  • FREE handwritten gift note card
Why we like this spatula
This best-selling wood spatula first debuted in 1970 on Julia Child’s cooking show where it quickly became one of her go-to cooking tools. In 2004, the movie Julie and Julia revitalized this amazing tool, taking it from an underground cult favorite to everyday kitchen must-have.

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