Salad Makers Kit

Two essential ingredients make every salad dressing come alive and taste home-made.  A squeeze of fresh lemon juice and a taste of honey!  There's a reason why these two ingredients are found in many classic salad dressing recipes.  Lemon wakes up the greens while the natural sweetness of honey softens the acidic bite.  Might be nice for a tea drinker, too, but we use these tools everyday we make salad.

Add a little zing to your salad today!

  • Citrus reamer measures 6" L
  • Honey dipper measures 6-1/4" L
  • All natural hardwood
  • Made in the USA

Shown here with an 8-oz container of Bowl and Board Rub.  These three ingredients will make your salad bowl - and salads - sing!

Try this easy summer chopped salad!

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