Handmade Wood Cook's Spoon Set for Newlyweds

Handmade wood cook spoon set is perfect for newlyweds...and new households. Long handled spoons and hard-to-find left handed wood cook spoons and utensils available. Wood is a traditional choice for wedding and anniversary gifts, and these heirloom quality utensils are a perfect choice.

Spoons for tasting, stirring and mixing.  Angled spatulas and spreader to scrape, lift and fold.  From delicate sauces to cake batters to chunky stews and sauces. 

.  Made in the USA

  • Hand Made Sanded and Buffed Rock Maple
  • Food Safe,Seasoned, Ready to use 
  • Best for non stick cookware
  • Chef  prefered Squared handles for a strong, comfortable grip
  • Heat and stain resistant
  • 9" Medium Handled Spoon for sauteing and tasting
  • 12" Long Handled Spoon - our most popular 
  • 14" extra-long handled spoon for stock  pots available in 6-PC set
  • 12" Edged Spatula with Hole for gentle stirring and mixing
  • 12" Edged Spatula flips, folds, scrapes the corners
  • 9" Edged Spreader reaches into jars

Ten Reasons to Cook with a Wooden Spoon

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