Hard-to-Find Wood Kitchen Utensils

The best wood cook's utensils and spoons are carefully made with quality, balance and usefulness in mind. Properly seasoned and cared for, wood kitchen tools will last a lifetime, while bringing pleasure and joy to your kitchen and your table.

The tight grains of Maple and Cherry come from North American trees that produce hard, durable woods that resist staining because moisture can't penetrate as easily as it can with other softer, less dense woods. Both Maple and Cherry will hold a finely sanded finish, warding off the "fuzzies."  And the same is true of incredibly dense, beautifully grained Olive wood.

Every cook and chef has a handful of favorite kitchen tools that are essential in his or her kitchen. Many are handed down, one-of-a-kind finds and some are from a time when you went to the local carver, whittler or wood worker to have yours made to fit your hand.