Salads: Beyond the Salad Bowl

Make the Salad Bowl a Part of your Family Meal Rituals.  Salads Beyond the Bowl is a perfect match to your wooden salad bowl. More than 100 recipes to inspire you to experiment and create your own beautiful, nutritious and tasty salads. 

"The fact that she dared include a salad recipe that featured popcorn won my heart."
- Paulie Walnuts, New Hampshire Bowl and Board

Mindy Fox's book is filled with healthy recipes, yes - but also delicious, show-stopping salads too. Inspired by seasonal offerings, Fox pairs greens and produce of all sorts with grains, beans, legumes, cheeses, fish and meat to create extraordinary salads to start a meal or star as the main course!  Plenty of full color pictures and ideas to inspire you!

  • Softcover

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