Chopped Salad Beyond a Craze

board and knife with vegetablesIf the New York Times says Chopped Salads have moved beyond trend to standard fare, who are we to disagree? Recipes for Chopped Salad are popping up everywhere, too - but the real fun is experimenting with combinations that you find pleasing and delicious.  Make the most of fresh salad greens and summer's bounty while the season is upon us!   Make your own signature chopped salad! I wouldn't say I'm a chopped salad expert, but I certainly make a lot of salads.  I've taken to cutting my lettuce into bite sized pieces using my favorite knife or a mezzaluna on butcher block cutting board like the one pictured here.   Then I add slices of red onion, chunks of fresh tomato and cukes and whatever other freshly blanched or leftover cooked vegetables available in my garden or fridge. 
The garden supply of snow pea pods is past, but the string beans are almost here! I mix everything with my new favorite salad dressing.  Essentially,  this is a classic creamy vinaigrette made with equal parts lemon juice and white balsamic vinegar shaken in a jar with twice the amount of a good extra virgin olive oil lightened with canola oil. Thicken by adding an egg yolk and a generous dollop of mustard.  Finish with fresh herbs and voila!

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