Wood Care for Neglected Bowls Board and Spoons

Second Chance Care for Neglected  Salad Bowls  Wood cutting Boards and Wood Cooks Spoons

Best wood care for Neglected wood salad bowls, cutting boards and wood spoons. Rejuvenate the dry and forgotten( Salad Bowl and Board) wooden heirlooms that  served your Family and brought friends together thru the Years. Assembled in one kit is the Tools Needed with your elbow Grease gives the second chance to revitalize hard working kitchen tools.

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  • Made In The USA
  • 4 oz. tin unscented, food-safe
  • fine and extra-fine grit steel wool pads
  • abrasive "green scrubby" pad
  • lint-free microfiber cloth NH Bowl and Boards Secret Weapon for Wood care
  • wood care instructions

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