Oversized Walnut Side Salad Sonoma Bowls Holds More Salad

Oversized individual wooden salad bowls. Skilled artisans use traditional tools to handcraft Deeper and wider than Most Small side salad Bowls. Food Safe Bowls Holds 50% more than a typical 7'' side Salad Bowl

Butcher Block Wooden Salad Bowls Set of 4. Hand Made from Black Walnut. Skilled woodworkers use traditional butcher-block construction to create serving bowls that are exceptionally strong and stable. Individually crafted by hand in durable Black Walnut. A beautiful addition to any table, you may also use these bowls to serve side dishes.

  • Black Walnut
  • 8.25 inches Wide x 2-1/2 inches Deep
  • 24 oz. Capacity
  • Made in America
  • All natural, food safe finish
  • Seasoned and ready to use

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