15" Cherry Salad Bowl (8 Servings)

This wooden bowl is the secret ingredient to every great salad.  Perfect for family dinners or a night in with friends. Handcrafted in the USA with Cherry wood for a thicker wall and exceptional strength and beauty.  Add individual bowls at the time of purchase and save.
Let us match your salad servers at the time of order and save
  • 15-inches wide X 4-inches deep
  • Handcrafted with Cherry wood
  • 8 side salad servings
  • Pre-seasoned, food-safe, ready to use
  • Care instructions included
  • FREE Handwritten Gift Card

The Perfect Caesar Salad Bowl with or with out anchovies

Why we like The 15'' cherry Bowl for Caesar Salad.

After 50 years of Creating and serving Caesar Salads when entertaining Family and friends my go to bowl is always the 15''  Cherry Bowl. Chopping the Lettuce  gives me 8 generous salads. If the gathering is bigger than 8 or Folks could eat a horse then I bring out a  second bowl(12'' or 15'') for the other end of the table.

The Perfect Caesar Salad Bowl with or with out anchovies

Caesar salad was invented after a busy weekend and leftovers in The Pantry did not say Eat Here  (Read the complete story of The Creation of Caesar Salad 1922).

The Bowl is my tool for  Mashing anchovies with Garlic using a fork and the side of the bowl  until Vaporized encourages my guests have a savory,meaty Taste described in 1908 as Umami. I know many of you Have a secret ingredient or two that has become a requested Fan Favorite for your Friends and Family. After all these years and 100`s of personal stories, I never get tired of hearing from you or call ahead and we can have a throw down if you think you are that good.



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