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Let us offer you our best selling gift collections, wood cutting boards, wooden spoons, wood salad servers more than 200 separate items and gift sets.

Let us help you take the worry out of your selection

Explore our website of best selling woodenware gifts. New Hampshire Bowl and Board supports your retail efforts to create a local, organic American Made niche for your regional and specialty store presentation.

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Proven Winners Tested at Retail, Ready for Your Local Made Store


Working with nearly 500 retail stores throughout the USA gives us insight into what might work for you.  We stand behind our "Buy Recommendations" with our "no questions asked return policy."

Like you, we are retailers. After a long weekend with tired feet, we can see the winners that flew out the door and the losers that languish on the shelves.  Just like you, we need a few more winners!  We will be happy to suggest our retail tested Proven Winners and collections best suited for your region and your store!

As an experienced Wholesale Company, we are interested in helping you reduce your buying mistakes by offering you our seasoned experience.  We value solid partnerships and good teamwork.

Our Brand

Distincitve and original woodenware designs brought to you with the cooperation of small artisans in New England and throughout the USA. Proudly Made in the USA.

Wooden Salad Servers

While we are noteworthy for our large inventory of wooden bowls, it is salad servers that continue to generate reorders, fill-ins and restocks. More than 5 styles in 4 types of wood, not including the one- of-a-kind discoveries that continue to make for a growing collection.

Wooden Cutting Boards

Shapes and styles with a variety of woods available. Not just square anymore. Our boards are perfect for entertaining and with a wide selection of shapes abd sizes means there is a gift for everyone.

Special requests welcome.  Bring them on.  Our best ideas come from folks like you.

We welcome private label branding with our competitive pricing.  Feel free to inquire.

Large Wooden Salad Bowls

In stock, ready to ship in 8 sizes, 4 wood types and 4 types of hand production.  Not to be matched for variety and quality anywhere by anyone! 

No one has a more interesting inventory of wooden bowls or is as flexible and fast as we are. 

Passing through New England? Stop and buy.  We welcome all commercial accounts, small or large, with an interest in profit and the Made in the USA movement.

  • Visit us at one of the many wholesale trade shows we attend.
  • Invite us to stop in and visit your store, we can help make a difference, fast!
  • Sign up and tell us just how we can help change your profit margin. Now.

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  • We do not use paper catalogues in order to reduce waste and costs.
  • In every area of our company, we try to eliminate paper to Save Trees!
  • You will notice with your deliveries, we use recycled boxes and packing paper. (Wine cases make great shipping boxes).
  • From time to time, we use USPS boxes because they use less fuel annually per stop than either Fed Ex or UPS.

Features and Benefits offered to our Wholesale customers:

(Brick and mortar retailers, catalogue retailers and E-commerce retailers)

  • Zip code/Niche exclusives
  • Exchange of slow moving inventory/ or Credit
  • Broken case quantities while you test
  • Drop shipment
  • Private label in small quantities with low design fees
  • Small Reorders
  • Retail sales support (hang tags and point of sale posters and story boards)
  • In store sales training and support
  • Free delivery when we are going your way

Payment terms:

  • Check allows for an additional 3% discount in advance of delivery
  • Credit cards are always welcome
  • Terms for those retailers with ongoing buying frequency

Trade shows:

  • Our web site is up to date, and with E communications are faster and less costly to keep you updated.
  • We do work the trade show circuit to meet you and show off the latest new ideas.
  • The annual Bowl Guy's Cash and Carry in Webster NH is always a reason to come by, say hello and save.

Please email us your name, business name, phone number and website, along with a brief message: