Wooden Salad Servers, Claws and Tongs

Our wooden salad servers, wood claws and wooden tongs are a match for our wood salad bowls, as well as glass and pottery. Our wood salad servers are handmade from tightly grained North American hardwoods, then finished by hand with an all-natural blend of beeswax and essential oils for a lustrous, long-lasting finish. Every great salad should be served up with stylish abandon!


Find care instructions on our New Hampshire Bowl and Board blog.

Traditional Paddle Servers  12" are best match for 12" to 15" salad bowls.

Salad Claws  A.K.A. Salad Hands on the West Coast or Salad Fingers on the East!  One size fits all, but we like best with an 8", 10" or 12" bowl. 

Salad Tongs  Flat-folding and versatile.  Perfect for bowls from 8" - 15."