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Chopped Salad

Chop quality wooden bowl for chopped salads

Two MUST HAVE ingredients for CHOPPED SALAD that you won't find in any recipe!

  1. Chop-Quality Wooden Bowl
  2. Mezzaluna or Ulu Crescent-shaped Blade

Chop Quality Wooden Bowl

A chop quality wooden bowl (preferably 10" or 12") is easy to hold on to as you chop ingredients.  A chop bowl is just that.  It's may not be your prettiest bowl; it's a utilitarian kitchen workhorse that you will find yourself using for home made dressings including your Caesar salad dressing, your Mom's coleslaw and even pie or bread dough. Our friends at King Arthur flour would recommend a 17" bowl for bread rising.

Mezzaluna or Ulu - a crescent-shaped blade

A Mezzaluna or Ulu is a crescent-shaped blade that is sharpened along the entire length of the curved blade, allowing you to rock it from side to side for a clean cut. The handle allows you to control the blade without risk of cutting yourself, and ours is made from north American hardwoods, just like our bowls and boards.

It can take a few tries to get used to using a mezzaluna. Juar experiment with both flat cutting boards and rounded bowls to get the hang of it.

Once you learn to control your mezzaluna, you'll find it helpful for mincing garlic and herbs. A mezzaluna can also be used as a pastry knife, chopping shortening into flour.

About Chopped Salad

The first Chopped Salad was the Cobb Salad, created at the legendary Brown Derby restaurant in Los Angeles in the 1920s.  Like the Ceasar Salad, the Cobb has it roots in the early days of the the Golden Age of Hollywood.  Since then, the Cobb has enjoyed many a revival and has again moved into the mainstream.  Now, between the slow food movement and our concerns with healthier eating, the chopped salad has followed suit, spreading from New York to the West Coast!

For the home cook, chopping your salad may takes a little more work, but it can be well worth the effort - especially when salad is the star of the meal or main course. Chopping the salad ingredients allows the flavors and textures to mingle in every bite you take. And it's easy. So let's get chopping.

Use your wooden bowl and mezzaluna to chop salad greens, cheeses, nuts, meat, fish or chicken along with olives, dried or fresh fruit, olives, herbs -- anything and everything you love in your salad. Toss lightly with your favorite store bought or homemade dressing, and voila - your own signature chopped salad!

As in all things, start with classic pairings - pears, blue cheese and walnuts with robust romaine lettuce or cucumbers, olives and feta.  Experiment as you go with the seasonal offerings of your garden or farmer's market.   And don't forget the traditional Cobb ingredients - bacon, blue cheese, grilled chicken, hard boiled egg and avocado - a nice balance of tastes and textures - yum.

P.S.  A good knife and chopping board work just fine too!


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